The consultation
The initial appointment lasts up to an hour and provides the opportunity to discuss your health issues in detail. During this consultation, your full medical history and family history will be taken into account together with information on your lifestyle and specific symptoms that you have experienced.

The follow up appointments take 30 minutes, during which the patients progress is assessed. The timing of these follow-up appointments will vary depending on the case and the patient’s condition, but usually take place at 4-5 week intervals.

Frequency of consultations
The number of consultations required is dependant on the nature and duration of the patient’s condition, and varies from person to person. Most acute complaints can clear up very quickly, while other conditions can be more complex and take longer to resolve. This can be discussed with me at the first consultaion

The homeopathic prescription
At the end of the consultation you will be prescribed a homeopathic remedy, either in pill or liquid form, with details of how and when to take it.

Medication and your GP
If you are taking prescribed drugs or undergoing any other treatment, it is important that you maintain the relationship you have with your GP. You can continue taking your prescribed medication, as homeopathy does not interfere with them in any way. However as you get better, there may come a time when your drugs will need to be reviewed. This will always be done in conjunction with your GP.

Homeopaths are bound by a strict code of ethics and practice. Everything you tell me will be treated in the strictest confidence.

“I� �n�o�w� �f�e�e�l� �t�h�a�t� �

“I first approached homeopathy two years ago as a way of dealing with my lifelong hay-fever. Not knowing what to expect, I was glad to have met Caroline, who from the beginning possessed a very welcoming, relaxing and calming nature. Since embarking on homeopathy, I have found it to be a very gentle, yet deeply effective treatment, in which I’ve seen a vast improvement to my seasonal allergies, as well as my overall wellbeing. I am now far less prone to common colds and illness than I once was.
Caroline is clearly very dedicated to what she does, and shows a real interest and understanding of people and their personalities. She has opened my mind as to how everyday things can be treated homeopathically. Having discovered this, I now feel that homeopathy will always be a part of my life.”

Victoria T.

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